Thursday, July 5, 2018

What to expect painting live graffiti at an event.

well the day has come for u to paint live, i would say it easy but there is always issues that always arise, for some reason the event coordinator want to move your setup, the medium that u where going to paint on has changed.

1 . You need to keep cool and collective like you have done it before, even if your dying inside.

2. Be prepared with a back up plan, I use spray paint for my murals the size of the wall or canvas might change, i am so versatile i can change plans in a blink of a moment.

3. If painting outside take into consideration the weather, like wind. I always setup with the wind blowing toward the side as to not hit my canvas  head on.

4. Paint something unique, colorful and amazing, give it your all, don't hold back because they didn't pay u enough or things aren't going your way. Think of it as an audition you never know what CEO is watching or your next client is is in the crowd.

5. Talk to the crowd interact, give them business cards, stickers, flyers to your next show break the ice. People nowadays are to scared to interrupt and miss an opportunity.

6. If painting with other artist, remember u are unique do not imitate innovate show off your unique talents, there been so many time I've been copied, its not even funny, but i stood out because i was the original style master.

Good luck

book me at your next event.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Anti Immigration Mural @ Indepence Border Festival

Artist: Strive One, Mex, and Mode 

We where painting live at the independence Border festival and we where asked to alter there painting or tear it down due to a major sponsor compliant. Customs and border portection, where furious there booth was right in front.

This happen sunday july 1st 2018 in san ysidro, at larsen field. We  where protesting the immigration policys of the current administration, with a green jacket with the statement "we do care"
we where not able to finish it. But the seed was planted. People where amazed and supportive, the event officials did not notice till about an hour later so a good portion of the crowd saw our mural. Hopefully this sheds light on the immigrant children sleeping in detainment centers. I (Strive One)started with the statue of liberty as to not raise concern and Mex continued with the flag. Mode drew the child in a cage very quickly then put on his jacket. It was thrilling as the crowd stopped and looked.This is one to remember.

Monday, July 25, 2016

In us we trust.

Google myself to see where my art has traveled, but feel like I have neglected it. I dont want to fail summer so i gotta find impersonation and get to work. Turn the robot on.
About to put Vince on the back burner and let Strive take over.

Including getting this blog a jump start and work on my YouTube channel. Plus art has taken me to different places,that people never seen. Gotta be wide awake and make dreams come true. And if you want a custom painting is the email to reach me at. Created over 1,000 paintings about to design a thousand more in the coming year that's the goal and hand pick 50 for a solo show summer 2017.