Monday, July 25, 2016

In us we trust.

Google myself to see where my art has traveled, but feel like I have neglected it. I dont want to fail summer so i gotta find impersonation and get to work. Turn the robot on.
About to put Vince on the back burner and let Strive take over.

Including getting this blog a jump start and work on my YouTube channel. Plus art has taken me to different places,that people never seen. Gotta be wide awake and make dreams come true. And if you want a custom painting is the email to reach me at. Created over 1,000 paintings about to design a thousand more in the coming year that's the goal and hand pick 50 for a solo show summer 2017. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

T.A.G. aka Tattoos and Graffiti show in San diego California, Amnie, Dex and Strive

I don't know if its fate or just luck we always start an event by carpooling together, this time was no different wake up early and show up early is the motto, after a few stops for dexxx to buy paint and Amnie buy buff, and some food, crack a few jokes and we are on our way. Don't know what to expect since it was my first time at the venue. Big Automotive Warehouse. big thanks to Iph from OFA So this is the recap,

    (Dexxx Patiently waiting for Amnie to finish with the buff)

(Amnie Starting off his Piece)
Most artist start off from left to right, not this little rebel 
(Strive Painting both sides first)
(Dex Starting in the Middle)

  (Amnie setting up the background and letters)
                              (Dexxx getting busy)
                           (Strive setting up the letters)
(Dexxx Finishing up)
                                  (Amnie making it shine)
(Strive dodging falling spray cans but got it done)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Modern Monroe

I was up last night and my mind wonders in all directions And Andy Warhol wrote this about Art

"You take some chocolate...
 and you take two pieces of bread...and you put the candy 
in the middle and you make a sandwich of it.
 and that would be cake"
                                  Andy Warhol

So I stayed up wondering who is today's Marilyn Monroe,  In my opinion I  came to a conclusion. whats one of the most iconic person in modern day, That has the same characteristics as the great Marlyn Monroe,

 Title: Modern Monroe 
By Vincent "Strive One" Quitugua

 If this is the case, I am not wishing Kanye marriage any bad ill, but hopefully Kim Kardashian wont take the same route with countless marriages. Her image alone is a symbol of American culture. And if art is ten years behind then in ten years from now you will know what I am talking about.