Saturday, November 19, 2011

if you got any questions feel free to ask???????

No money more problem that just how it is, but whatever step you take you got to keep it going, at least thats what tell myself, my father just got a mild heart attack and spent a few days in the hospital with him, he's 55, that mean's i got about 30 more years more before I have my first brush with death. Truth is I was more scared than ever, But he just went home today everything went fine with his surgery. Half the time when I make a canvas the money was usually gone before I get it. I got to interact more with younger artist and offer them a hand. Try to mentor them in the right direction, gallery owner don't know much about this street art, when an artist is doing good or when he's doing bad, the hood Where we grew up is like a foreign country to them, how we eat when there no food in the kitchen. I am in it cause i am starving, just like every one else that pretends there not. Keep it real with them and teach them to not sell them self short, Cause a mind is a terrible think to waste, with that said if got any questions feel free to ask." Cause you either fall or grind the rails" with that said i got to get back to painting

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