Saturday, October 6, 2012

Went to a physic to see my future,

I had to paint a giant canvas to send oversea, So i wanted some reassurance that everything would go well, plus I had no idea what to expect, As i walk in there was a young lady she said i'll do the reading set up a price, went to the atm when i came back her grandmother was yelling at her,"your not even supossed to do reading", so i guess i was about to be hustled by the young girl, The older lady had all the signs of a physic, old, wrinkly, looked like a middle eastern witch dressed in gold, seemed legit. when she started she kept, smiling while looking at me,pointing a finger at me she said do you believe in the afterlife, I said, sure why not. As i finshed, she told me in my afterlife you used to be an egyptian painter, Boom! this lady got me paying attention, She asked me if i painted, I looked at my clothes and hands to see if i had any paint on them, Which most likley i always do, but not today. I told her i did, she said, i would be rich and famous and died in my early 90's, That rich and famous part I really didn't want to hear, She didn't even know my name kept me thinking, she does some good parlor tricks, as i left. As for the giant canvas she said it wasn't my first time at the rodeo and that is would be fine.

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