Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guttersnipe Canvas 24 x 48in

The reason I painted the Guttersnipe canvas was a form of protest. In my own style of graffiti i paint the word Guttersnipe across a bright red canvas to signify the resentment that have toward the general public that disregards graffiti, as just graffiti. They don't consider it an art form.The reason i painted the building grey is to show the simpleness of society and there ignorance towards the art form of graffiti. I also add all the the thing you find in society that rob/rape's them of there health, fortune, and own free will. I also made it a point to make the signs of the buildings unattractive and plain just how they are in real life. The reason i painted the the word Guttersnipe grey is to show the how even the same colors could be vibrant. I also added two liquor stores on each corner. The painting was also created in 2009 in the middle of a recession, but non of these businesses failed. " but you can't spell business with out sin". with that said these are the real eyesore's of the city the ones that prey on the despair of others. Yet my art still fails to have meaning or depth cause remember it's just graffiti right? Keep on cutting funds for afterschool programs and the children will paint the city red. Not grey

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