Friday, February 5, 2010

I just found a old poem/rhyme from 2004 when i wanted to be a rapper

Well i was looking for some tax forms and came across a ripped page that came from a note book of rhymes that i wrote and this was in 2004 before we had this recession.

life is a mess filled with stress,
poor people are oppressed,
like a game chess where the pawn,
slowly moved into position,
not even our greatest ambitions,
can make us envision,
the line between rich and poor,
it's growing more and more,
where society's whore,
cleaning the shop floors,
minimum wage,
when they could be paid more,
but what do you do when your broke,
and can't provoke the boss,
cause that's your loss

you don't need chains to be slaves

maybe i should start making more poems

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