Thursday, February 4, 2010


The picture is of a canvas that i sold to a NYPD officer I guess one of the good police officer that don't harass you. But never did tell me what the cage # ment to him

back to the point
Well yesterday my car got stolen and had to call the police to file a police report... this is actually the second car that they steal just my luck...I got to move out of the ghetto..but back to the point as a citizen of the USA why do people fear the police if they are here to protect us? I guess it was instinct i grabbed my spray paint that i had in the living room and hid it in the room. For the past years i have only done legal artwork but i still have those times when i get a police officer that want to ask question and have you lay on the floor. Well there should be no reason for me to be concerned about my spray paint... i just got my car stolen but i always have that in the back of my head. Even if they are here to serve and protect

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