Thursday, July 4, 2013

Out of a strom, beauty comes out in from of a snow flake.

Never burn a snowflake, it won't be the same if you tried.

Out of the cold a snowflake is created, but what happens when you try to capture it. It starts to melt and they say no two snow flakes are the same. Beautiful and unique, but if you add a flame it turns in to water and that water might extinguish the flame.Those drops turn in to a stream, that stream turns in to a creek, that creek turns in to a river and you might drown it the flood. DON'T mess with a snow flake because as nice as it may seem you only hear the avalanche once its too late. People say i am nice but don't miss interpret it as a weakness, I fall into peoples lives like snowflakes, but just as fast i could disappear and, like tears; they are made of water............. turned cold.

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