Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Allow me to re-introduce myself MY name is STRIVE!!!

I started of young like any teenager the confidence and arrogance of thinking you know everything, I wanted to paint with the artist that inspired and amazed me growing up, I was taught and guided by what I could only call the “DR. DRE” of the San Diego graffiti scene, JOKES157, I am going to say “Amnie” would be Eminem, these two have been some of my greatest influences, painted alongside with both. Along with my own drive to never quit created Strive One, But 2013 wasn’t the greatest year for me, I went through a difficult time, let’s just say I drew allot of broken hearts, I have no regrets, did everything to a T, I could say I tried. But “I AM BACK”.  There were days I didn’t feel like painting trapped in my own nocturnal thoughts. But my alter ego strive pulled me back to reality, I remembered that  I paint canvases fast with passion, I try to impress myself in each one and I am a tough critic, I don’t sketch things out, if I do sketch it’s for fun.  On the back burner I always have at least 5 canvases being created. I just want to point at a canvas and say that’s a Strive. Still racing Death, even when I party or go out it’s with a purpose; DJ blend and DJ caffeine have a Strive canvas, The only thing that could stop me is me,  I Apologize if I was late in delivering my Canvases , I don’t have an  excuse, I learned and continue to learn. I refuse to quit or stop; I have 600 canvases in different homes, countless hours of practice and STILL FEEL LIKE THIS IS THE BEGINNING,  I kill strive over and over, only to build him better. MOVING forward and Leaving the past, but remembering the mistake and not repeating them    

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