Monday, July 8, 2013

Welcome the new kid, Hello the new artist, Ever since i could remember been the same Artist.

South western college, Chula Vista Ca
While some kids where playing interments, i was playing ninja in the night, trying to find a Quiet spot to paint, while most kids where writing essay, I was practicing my letters trying to get better. I am gonna be an artist cause Picasso make it look easy, For some reason I feel like i am racing time, Like the day doesn't care what you have to do. I keep pushing my limits and these voices in my head keep tell me to, keep moving, keep going, Pay attention to detail and try not to derail. I don't like leavings thing to god cause honestly he never talks back. 20 painting in a month, Guess i didn't paint enough. 4000 views on the blog, guess i didn't write enough, Its not like i could take these paintings with me, That's why i leave my sorrow on my painting, and life to the fullest, No disrespect to the graffiti kings of the past but i make my own letters, Hopefully i inspire some other artist with my style, but you got to get your own.

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